Isabella Lisica
Monday, 26 February 2024
3 min read
Isabella Lisica

Murmuras is honored with the 2024 Science Award

Best Startup: Murmuras Receives Science Award for Digital Platform Exploring Retail Apps

Murmuras was honored yesterday at the 17th Science Award by EHI Foundation and GS1 Germany in the "Best Startup" category. The distinguished jury, including Lionel Souque (CEO REWE) and Christoph Werner (CEO dm-drogerie Markt), recognized the new digital platform for exploring Retail Apps, especially discount coupons. The service is highly relevant for the entire retail industry and consumer goods sector.

The Era of Retail Apps Marks a Revolution in Retail Comparable to the Milestone of the First Supermarkets

In recent years, retailers' apps have evolved from simple online brochures to fully integrated shopping worlds. "Retail Apps constitute the biggest revolution since the opening of the first supermarkets," says Murmuras Co-Founder Alexander Markowetz. They combine payment methods, brochures, coupons, customer analysis, and receipts in a single application, often connected to an online store. A battle for customers' attention and screens is underway among different retail chains and consumer goods brands. "Today's strategic orientation determines success in the years to come," adds Markowetz.

However, these digital shopping worlds largely remain hidden. Retailers don't know how their competitors promote products and engage customers. Manufacturers increasingly lack insight into how their products are presented in Retail Apps, especially compared to competitors. Personalized app coupons make pricing non-transparent, with different customers potentially receiving different discounts. In the "old world," a brief visit to a supermarket provided a rough orientation; in the digital world, various market participants risk losing sight of each other.

Murmuras Presents an Innovative Platform for Analyzing Retail App Usage Data

Murmuras introduces a groundbreaking solution, capturing the mobile consumption behavior of thousands of participants. In exchange for compensation, participants grant Murmuras access to their behavior across various apps. The startup collects data on content viewed and clicked within shopping and retail apps, particularly analyzing viewed discount coupons and their activation and redemption rates. Retailers and manufacturers can explore couponing and personalization trends on the startup's platform and gather relevant statistics.

"Up until now, retailers and manufacturers were confined to data within their own apps and platforms. In contrast, we analyze the digital strategies of all market participants and customer behavior across various apps," explains Murmuras Co-Founder Qais Kasem.

Founded in 2019 as a startup at the University of Bonn, Murmuras specializes in the collection and analysis of smartphone behavior. Originally serving customers in science and market research as a technology provider, the company has been analyzing the world of Retail Apps for retailers and consumer goods manufacturers since 2023.