Person on smartphone sitting between physical data sources

We know what consumers do in apps

Use our AI-backed passive metering technology to take your mobile marketing to the next level. Together with market researchers, agencies and panel providers we help businesses to better understand their customers and competitors.
Person on smartphone sitting between physical data sources
Person on smartphone sitting between physical data sources

Ads in social media

Capture all ads users see and interact with in social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. Which ads does my target group see from me and my competitors in mobile apps? Do they interact more often with my ads or with my competitors’?

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Shopping behavior

Analyze the entire digital buying journey in shopping apps like Amazon. Get pricing information at any time. Which products are people searching for? Which products are they clicking on? What do they put into their basket? At what purchase price?

Weblinks & Searches

Understand your study participants’ online behavior on mobile devices. Which websites are they visiting in browsers like Chrome or Firefox? What are they searching with Google and other search engines? Whitelist websites and search terms for your specific research requirements and blacklist those that have no relevance for you, for example sensitive content.

App usage

Understand app/platform behavior of your target group. Where does my target group spend time? Which apps do they use for shopping, payment, news and more? Which new or old apps are trending on social media?

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Smart surveys

Trigger smart surveys as push notifications on the phone: "You just watched Youtube for 1h. How do you feel?". Improve your survey data quality by asking in the right moment to minimize recall bias.

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Use Cases and Partnerships

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Measuring consumer behavior in Competitor-Apps
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App usage and mobile advertising efficiency
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Partnership for smartphone and app behavior statistics
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Cookie-less advertising effectiveness measurement in social media
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