Isabella Lisica
Tuesday, 26 December 2023
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Isabella Lisica

The Growing Importance of Food Retail Apps - Part 2

Intense Competition Among Retail App Providers

The retail industry is in the midst of a digital transformation, with apps from major retailers such as Lidl, Edeka, and DM gaining increasing popularity, leading to intensified competition among the app providers. In this context, the grocery retail sector is skillfully attempting to attract app users. A recent example of this are the generous Christmas promotions offered as interactive advent calendars during the pre-Christmas season of 2023. These included daily app coupons and exciting contests. The success speaks for itself – more than 50% of users who opened the Lidl Plus app activated the 5 € Lidl Christmas coupon on a daily basis.

Given these circumstances, it is becoming increasingly important for retailers not only to understand their own digital ecosystem but also to comprehend how customers and consumer goods manufacturers behave outside their own apps. The collection and analysis of behavioral in-app data play a crucial role in this.

Collection and Analysis of Behavioral In-App Data

Murmuras has developed a new on-screen technology that allows the capture of behavioral in-app data from real users in retail apps. The collected data can be analyzed through an insights platform, enabling the optimization of offers and campaigns. Furthermore, systematic monitoring of competitors and targeted engagement with relevant target groups are made possible.

The analysis of app feature usage

A look into the feature usage of the app users can provide insightful glimpses into their preferences. For example, in the Mein dm app, 80% of users utilize the coupon section, while only about 45% engage with the product section, and a mere 16% make use of the shopping cart. It appears that the majority of users primarily use the app to save money on in-store shopping through coupons. In contrast, online shopping seems to be less popular among Dm customers.


Compared to Mein dm, the Rossmann app is designed in a more minimalist design. The app's focus is clearly on the coupon section, which also serves as the homepage. The "Aktionen" section regularly features changing promotions attracting users with interesting prize opportunities. Through this approach, Rossmann aims to encourage customer interaction and establish long-term loyalty. This effort seems to be generating significant interest, as almost two-thirds of users spend time in the promotions section.


The Key Role of Coupons

In all retail apps, coupons play a central role – often being the most popular feature within the apps. A comprehensive examination of coupon performance for FMCG brands across all retail apps can provide valuable insights.