• Maximum 1024 participants

  • Maximum 6 months duration

  • Scientists only :
    Enrolled students
    Researchers affiliated with universities or institutes
    (check required)​

  • Basic data types :
    Phone/screen usage data​
    App usage data​
    Location data

  • Pre-defined socio-demographic questions​

  • No support

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  • Unlimited participants​
  • Unlimited duration
  • Different user accounts/roles​
  • More data types :
    Advanced location data​
    Detailed app-sessions​
    App categories​
    App content​
    Physical activity​
    Wearables data​
  • Individual survey questions :
    triggered by time (e.g. “Every Monday at 14:00”)
    context related (e.g. “You used >3 hours WhatsApp today. How do you feel?”)
  • Individual solutions (e.g. app branding, on-site hosting)​
  • Support with ethics approval (IRB/IEC/REB) & GDPR (DSGVO)​
  • Technical support

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